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Биография: Employee Benefit Brokerage if we read what he said that he wants to leave in place the prohibition of revoking coverage to purchasers with preexisting conditions and wants to continue tolerating kids to remain on their parents guarantee until senility 26 they can choose to live at home or wherever they demand What he might not fully understand hitherto is that in order to keep the preexisting condition division of the law he also has to keep the relatively unpopular individual mandatory division The ground being without the mandate parties was able to buy insurance after theyre sick or injured hence gaming the system Additionally if he keeps the preexisting condition language and the mandate hell have to keep the gives and the Medicaid expansion otherwise lowerincome Americans wont be able to render the compulsory premiums This is how the health care Jenga puzzle runs Remove a obstruct and the whole thing falls apart Maybe thats the place If Trump and the congressional Employee Benefit Brokerage Republicans repeal regions of the law namely the gives and the mandate since each prong is linked to the budget via a 5plus1 reconciliation vote in the Senate theyll infuriate the$ 9 billion health insurance manufacture by pressuring insurers to accept cases with preexisting conditions but accompanied by a big opening caused via the cancellation of the mandate In speciman you didnt notice the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is more than a little complicated Health insurance in general is confusing by itself but when we combine the viral fluster with the incendiary madnes experienced by certain Americans when the word Obamacare is mentioned in public we have a lethal cocktail of dread rage and fluster Americans have an insufferable predisposition to do crazy occasions when theyre scared indignant and confused With Obamacare the dominant reaction is to kill it
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